On June 21,2004 the fishing vessel Relentless disappeared while fishing off the coast of California. The owner/skipper David "Rowdy" Pennisi (41) and his crewmember Michael Odom (24) were lost at sea.

There is strong evidence that the Relentless was hit by a Korean chemical carrier in the early hours of that morning. The Pennisi family has sent in many requests for the government to help solve this case to no avail. We are now asking family and friends to help us. Under the "How to help" tab are 4 letters that we are asking people to either print up or to copy by hand and send out to the addresses on each letter. (When you click on the tab you have to scroll down a little to see them. We had to put it together this way so they would print up clearly.) They are letters to  President Obama, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Diane Feinstein and Senator Barbara Boxer.  We are asking our family and friends to send in these letters and then to send this link to everyone in their e-mail address book. It would be really helpful to get as many letters as possible sent in. As a result of all these letters we hope that we will be able to receive help from these government officials and that this case  will be solved. You'll find more information about the accident on the pages of this web site.

Thank you for your help and understanding. It means more to our family than you could ever know.

God bless you.

The Pennisi Family


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