David "Rowdy" Pennisi was all boy when he was little so his grandfather nicknamed him Rowdy. A name that stuck with him   all through his life. Rowdy was a gentle giant of a man and his heart was as big as he was. He loved his family and friends. He enjoyed being with those he loved most of all. When he was around his kids or his nieces and nephews he was at his happiest. Rowdy loved children.

Rowdy was funny and always quick with a joke. He could make anybody laugh.

Rowdy loved fishing. When he bought his own boat (the Relentless) he was so proud. Fishing   was part of a strong family tradition for him. His grandfather Giovanni Pennisi came from Sicily and fished his whole life.   Although he fished all over the world he settled in California and brought his family over after the war. Rowdy's father Giuseppe kept the family business going after his father past away. Raising his 8 kids in the industry as well. Rowdy and his brothers continued to fish out of the same waters that their grandfather Giovanni fished when he was alive.

This is a poem that was found after Rowdy perished written by him. When you read it you can hear the heart of the fisherman.



Got dolphins on the bow

Squid on the stern

Hold full of fish

And money to earn

Sun comes up

The sun drops out

Wish I was home

At home wish I was out

Wish I knew

What this is all about

Pull up the net

Oh shit!

Let it out

This is what

Fishing's about

Some days you make a little

Some days a lot

And some days

You don't give it a second thought

One thing for sure

On this yo-yo syndrome

I wouldn't trade it

for a millionaire's kingdom






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